¡Hola! My name is Ciara. I am a hard working, ambitious and motivated professional, and also an inquisitive and curious mind.
I am experienced in the creation and planning of Trans-media Content (print, digital and TV), Institutional and Corporate Communications strategies, Video Production, Copy-writing, Wed Edition, Digital Marketing, Branding and Creative Development.
As I believe in the transformational power of the servant leadership philosophy and the impact of offering value to customers and clients, I've also dedicated time to develop relevant professional experience in the Customer Services sector within the Software as a Service (SaaS) and the Luxury Retail industries.
The developing of persuasive communications strategies, inspirational written content and attractive images (still and moving) are some of my passions, as well as finding ways to create engagement between a broad range of audiences through different platforms. I am an enthusiast about the creation of valuable, disruptive and compelling content, which can provide practical solutions for everyday situations, create community bonds and contribute to the growth, reputation and positioning of the brand narratives.
In addition, I am strongly passionate, resourceful, creative, willing to learn new skills, proactive and with a high sense of commitment to projects, being capable of cross-working through different territories as part of a team, or individually.
I am at my best when I can take lead on projects and tasks, and deliver in the gap between creative development, operations strategy, commercial sense and brand awareness.
During my free time I enjoy discovering new music (I'm a rock & roll girl at heart!) and films, going to gigs, making videos and photography, hiking, traveling, watching films, jewellery-making, painting and designing.
For more information about me please take a minute to watch this video, with which I seek to share in a playful, fresh and approachable way, a brief introduction to my professional career, as well as a quick look at who I am. 

ABOUT ME - Ciara Bolívar García

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