I have developed valuable skills managing the communications and PR  of a governmental film distributor, organizing successful film premieres, being the first point of contact with private companies and public institutions; maintaining effective internal and external communications through a variety of channels and building strong relations with journalists.
I have worked defining strategies to reach specific audiences, building up brands narratives through a crafted and tailored language.
Through other work experiences, I got to work across both print and digital, so that I could acquire knowledge using different visual languages to reach specific markets. Through online platforms, I have been able to work with CMS applications, applying HTML language when required, editing and creating website content as well as monitoring and working with SEO tools to improve accessibility and web positioning.
Among other things, I have experience editing and writing corporate texts and press releases, banners, editing pictures and developing other digital media assets.
These are the different fields where these experiences can be translated:
•Communications Strategy
•Communications Campaigns (Internal / External)
•Corporate Image
•Press and Media Relations.

Just so you have an idea, here you will find a link to a couple of the communications and editorials made for BUM!, an entertainment advertising medium:
If you want other type of information that supports any of the above, please contact me at this link.

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