I am experienced in the creation and planning of trans-media content, with messages that can be adapted across different platforms such as print, digital, social media and video.
The written word and images (still and moving) are one of my passions, as well as finding creative ways to create engagement between the public/private sectors and their audiences. I am an enthusiast about the creation of attractive, disruptive and compelling content, which can provide practical solutions for everyday situations and contribute to the growth and positioning of names and/or brands.
Although I do not have extensive experience in advertising, I enjoy copy-writing and the process of building the verbal and aesthetic narratives that define names, companies and brands.
I am also experienced and skilled at writing articles and editorial content.
To summarize, my experience in Content Development covers the following areas:
•Content strategy and Production
•Visual Narrative
•Concept Creation
•Social Media content (special focus on Instagram)
•Editorial Writing
•SEO Copywriting

If you want to access a brief sample of what I can do, please click on the links below, but for more specific information, please contact me
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