Vigicakes is an independent and growing bakery business based in Madrid, specialised in the preparation of cakes for children's parties. 
The main concern of this business was to start and build their social media presence in Instagram, as they lacked one. For that reason, the owner hired our services to create the entire Content Communications Strategy for the Instagram account, which we also created from scratch. 
As this is a small and recently created business, the proposal was based on a strategy focused on positioning the company in this social platform, making its services known within the Madrid community and defining its initial public. As such, we implemented the following steps: 
- Design and implementation of the Content Strategy for the Instagram account (@vigicakes), which covered, among other things, the following: 
      - Competitors analysis
      - Definition of target, audience and goals
      - Action plan
      - Content Calendar design.
- Color palette design. 
- Graphic design and photographic adjustment of all posts, videos and still images. 
- Creation of catchy IG Stories. 
- Writing of the captions and all texts. Study and implementation of hashtags/tags according to their audience.
- Planning of social games, interactive posts, promotions and contests.
For a small sample of some of the content we initially developed for this bakery business, please watch the following video. If you want additional information, please contact us.
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