We live in challenging times, when it is difficult to identify who we want to talk to, how to approach them, what to do to attract their attention and even more difficult, how to keep it over time and convert this interest into active valuable loyalty.
As a consequence of my passion for creating content, I have also had to venture into and learn about how the world of Digital Marketing behaves: creating content that is shared without effort, generating credible and lasting relationships with audiences, understanding what they need, reaching the right people at the right time, using a language that captivates.
Therefore, I have accumulated valuable knowledge and experience within the Digital Marketing landscape, as shown below:
• Branded Content
• Web editing
• Content Strategy for Social Media
• Editorial Strategy and Calendar
• E-mail Marketing writing
• Digital Engagement
• SEO copy-writing

If you would like more information about my experience in this sector, please contact me directly through this link or by visiting my LinkedIn page.

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