The creative experience for me, feels like a trip filled with endless adventures.
If I have to describe my way of working and approach to creative thinking, perhaps it resembles that of the modern Renaissance woman.
A Renaissance what, you may say?  Well, it is simple: while many professionals are expected to focus their career on a sub-field of their discipline, the modern concept of the renaissance life implies living beyond boundaries in a less restrictive mind space, so that purposeful creativity can emerge in both, the way how we perform in work and also in our daily life.
How can you increase your Renaissance mind? Simply by observing, wondering, experimenting, connecting things, creating, playing and committing.
And when it comes to the consumer experience in today's digital world, it is necessary to have a 360 vision supported by tools such as data, experience, curiosity, creativity and multidisciplinary skills applied to different platforms.
It is in this midpoint where my professional experience and knowledge lives.
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